This procedure involves removing part or all of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located on the anterior neck and it is involved with a lot of the functions of the human body. This operation is indicated in diseases involving the thyroid gland, e.g. enlarged gland, cancer or hyperfunctioning gland not responding to medication. An incision is made in the lower neck. The thyroid gland is freed from all the vital structures in the neck ensuring to preserve them. The gland is then divided and removed. A drain maybe left to prevent swelling in the neck. The wound is sutured close.


This operation is done to remove the parathyroid gland. These are small gland that are located behind the thyroid gland. These operations is usually indicated if these glands are hyperfunctioning or we suspect cancer. An incision is made in the lower neck and the parathyroids are identified. The are freed from surrounding vital structures ensuring no injuries and removed. The incision is sutured closed.


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