Inguinal Hernia repair

This operation is done to repair an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia is a weakness in the muscles of the groin allowing protrusion of bowel through this weakness. Three small incisions are made in the lower belly through which a telescope and other working instruments are passed. The hernia/sac is freed from important structures close to it, including bowel and spermatic cord in men. The bowel is returned back to the abdomen and the area of weakened muscles is reinforce with a synthetic material called mesh.nUsing this method a large cut is avoided and the pain after the procedure is less. Also, the recovery time is quicker. This procedure may also be done the traditional open way through a longer incision. Procedures for umbilical and incisional hernias follow similar principles


Vascular procedures

Dialysis catheter insertion

These procedures are done to insert dialysis catheters. This may be indicated for acute, short term dialysis or “permanent” catheter insertion in chronic kidney failure. They involve finding a suitable site for insertion of the catheter depending on the patient characteristics. These may be the neck, collar area or groin. These catheter are usually used soon after insertion and reliable for short to medium term use.